Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spectacular Start

The Crusade got off well with a flight during which I finished reading Clarice Lispector's "The Hour of the Star" and BARTed to The City where I met the son of John Brent (whose mayoral candidacy I managed around 1971) and cut up an incredible array of old touches. He got to hear some Brent/Committee reminiscences and I got to encourage him and his beautiful wife with the old "find your heart's desire and go straight to it - do not pass GO - do not collect $200" riff.

Dined with Kent Sokoloff, the original backer of Talking Signs in its first incarnation: Love Electornics. His twins were among my first urrogate grandchildren. Max is a genius film-maker and Amelia an incipient musical theater star.

Kent is a business consultant whose current client is Chevron and they are a perfect target for a major embracing of the Semantic Web.

Now the extreme clarity of sky is revealing one of the great sunrises because my motel window faces East.

I must get dark pants (I've still got a decent suit coat and shirt/tie) for tonight's celebration of "birthday boy" Arthur Jampolsky's 90th. And I will get to the Tadich Grill for the 11 AM opening so I can have real Hangtown Fry!


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