Saturday, December 6, 2008

New Year's Resolutions?

Last year I staged some of my favorite notions as Prophecies. Progress towards their fulfillment was strongly felt and even participated in at TPAC 2008, which was a triumph of its kind.

This year's entry is more of a "Wish List" than a set of resolutions/prophecies. I hope to be able to, in however small a way, take part in the Web Foundation's effort to do major Webspread.

I found out how individuals without company connections can join and did so. I expect there to be a "Web Pioneers" group with somewhat similar aims.

I guess the most striking thing at Mandelieu is how very young most of the participants are - they're like my surrogate grandchildren (or perhaps even great-grandchildren). What a treat!


Friday, December 5, 2008


The subject acronym refers to a chemical that the heart emits when it is undergoing congestive heart failure and it serves to notify you that your edema (swelling ankles and a bit of fluid in the lungs) is telling you that your heart is being stretched beyond its normal limits and, except for sensible intercession, you're quite mortal.

So Fillmore drove me in to the ER and I stayed for two nights being dosed with lasix, which makes one pee like a race horse, but then it clears up and you go home with instructions to drink less fluids, so I feel about like I felt but with the certain knowledge that these wonderful times won't last forever.

But my pacemaker batteries are good for another seven years and either my mind is clear or I harbor the delusion that it is!

Good to be back where the food is edible (the hospital's is worse than the airline's!) and I have my "precious email" and like that.