Thursday, April 30, 2009

Government through socialware

I work on a group that helps edit documents intended to enhance the rather Utopian goals held for the Web. Recently we've been wrestling with a huge, largely unreadable document about "eGovernment" being generated to help streamline the relationships between governments and between a government and citizens.

As I read it, I am struck by how dense it is, as in "opaque". Hundreds of syllables where only a few are actually needed.

The FaceBook/Blog/Wiki world has exploded and has reasonably clear directions so that interactions amongst like-minded people are fairly simple to understand but for some reason our governing bodies still insist on ignoring "transparency" while claiming to champion it.

I think I'll just veg out for a while and see if it changes! Maybe I'll have them put ads over on the right of this blog and see if that makes me rich.

Nah, I hate advertising.


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