Monday, April 28, 2008

Beijing Spring

My trip to Beijing has me entirely so floating in air that I haven't come down.

The people of China captured me forever and I hope they can avoid what we've done to our world: poisoned air, paved Paradise, unending eradication of heritage in the name of "progress".

Although it was ever thus, we are now (as evidenced from the Web Conference) able to wrest back our joy of life through inter-connections without end.

We are truly all in this together and members of one another.

At LiQun duck restaurant, I posed with the owner .

My visit to the China's Capital City was enhanced by the acquisition of a guide/translator who soon became the grand-daughter I never had.

I am again a world traveler but some of the flying was trying.



Before the judge excused the police who hailed bullets in Queens, Rev. Sharpton said:

"The only violence came from the detectives that night. How dare you ask about the violence? Ask the detectives."

One reason given for the apparent "acceptance" of this verdict is that most of the killing/wounding was done by black police.

The problem is not with their blackness but their "copness".

As in the Rodney King matter, the evidence of their inhumanity is so blatant that to have had this mockery of a "trial" speaks clearly to our madness in all of this: they fired dozens of shots at unarmed men on the flimsiest of pretexts just because they could. And were put into a position of that kind of life/death choice by a horribly corrupt system of policing.

Shame on us all for this.


Friday, April 4, 2008

Autism month

There's a lot about autism happening on TV usually focusing on how hard it is to have an autistic child. Then there's the "idiot savant" stuff that simply blows one away.

Stephen Wiltshire
, recently knighted is an example of the latter.


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

New Passport

I wonder why my new passport was designed and manufactured without any thought about its usability. It's like much of the Web: created by clueless graphic artists.

This should be a totally well-tested design but, e.g. the accompanying identity card cannot be written on with a ball point pen and the background images on the page that gets the emergency notification name/address make the penciled in information partly illegible.

How did these folks get into the layout/appearance of what should be a utilitarian entity rather than a flashy travel brochure? And whoever thought of putting RFID in it should have their license revoked.


pantechnicon push

The move towards implementation of the pantechnicon (under the rubric of "pocket computer") touted in todays New York Times has the effect of demonstrating that the inevitability of such devices proclaimed in Connection Collection and many other places is not that far off.

It makes me feel absolutely prophetic to have been evangelizing about this for this long and watching as the industry tries to maintain the old paradigms of such things as nation-states with archaic borders and decrepit cultures based on profit-centered insurance/banking/communication methodologies that will be vastly altered by "everyone/everything/everywhere/always connected" reality in which we will truly globalize our "village".

How interesting that the media's insistence on incremental implementation of all this by pretending that there is some separate entity called "telephony" since not recognizing that if a pocket computer is indeed a truly mobile internet, it will more or less automatically include many means of human interaction.

Interesting times, indeed! Can't wait to immerse myself in the Web conference in Beijing next month where thousands of us will celebrate "one world, one web".