Tuesday, April 28, 2009



A somewhat truncated Crusade MMIX is complete - back to home and (virtual) hearth.

The overall verdict is that it was a triumph of sorts. I got to meet Vint Cerf and briefly outline the plan for a "Council of Elders", probably in connection with the Web Foundation. Also more chatter with Sir Tim and lots of collaboration with Daniel and the quite marvelous Emmanuelle Guttierez.

The first triumph was with Arthur Jampolsky, whose 80th birthday celebration was very moving and exciting. To see him with a hundred or so ophthalmologists who pretty much revere him was like being allowed backstage at an epic performance of some kind. He and his wife Peggy and all the many colleagues from Smith-Kettlewell left me with the strong realization that I was a warmly-embraced member of a huge effective family.

Thence to Madrid (via Dublin!) where the aforesaid lovely Emmanuelle greeted me at the airport. I felt like visiting nobility, what with fruit/flowers in the rather luxurious hotel surroundings and Rob Yonaitis serving on the welcoming committee. The W4A sessions were encouraging in that there are now buckets of people working to make Web Accessibility a commonplace of the Web. There are Web designers and groups dedicated to reaching the "everyone/everything/everywhere/always connected" goal in our time and the implications of a myriad of "kabals" designed to bring us all together are quite inspirational.

emmanuelle, me, chaals

On the afternoon of the second day, Emmanuelle and I went to the Polytechnic Universidad where Tim and Vint were honored with doctorates and much attendant pomp and costume (funny hats).

me, emmanuelle, vint cerf

After that, it got dicier because I didn't realize that the "Brussels" airport my flight went to was an hour's drive from the city and without an interpreter and being exhausted by schlepping bags about the Madrid airport, I simply got in a cab and before the ride to the hotel was over had spent over 200 Euros for a 3 euro bus ride that I didn't ferret out. This left me unable to continue the Crusade after the Brussels meeting which was heady in that I was surrounded by people whose job it is to further Web penetration/inclusion. Everywhere I was surrounded by people who were in the business of funding efforts like mine.

Two days in Amsterdam finished off the trip (and almost finished off the Old Geezer!), but the final leg was interesting in that I left Amsterdam at 10:20 AM and arrived in Portland at 11:50 the same day! Watched several movies and suddenly we were landing!

I don't know what all I actually accomplished, but I think it was a lot - only time will tell.


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