Saturday, April 11, 2009

Distributed Diaspora

As the Right to Communicate becomes the most significant/widespread of Human Rights, the groupings of spheres of interest will disperse widely.

While at present many (most?) Social Network affairs (FaceBook et al) base groupings, at least in part on geography, the urge to be nearer those of like mind, rather than like appearance/culture/history, will be a prevalent reason to migrate.

Expatriation won't be based so much on disenchantment with nation-state issues as commonality of purpose in some way centered on the need for actual rather than just virtual contact.

The "mystery" associated with various superstitions like religion will play less of a part in locale choices. We will form "kabals of konvenience" to best utilize our passions/purposes and make interconnection with others more efficient.

As I prepare to embark on Crusade MMIX, it gets obvious that despite having been essentially a recluse for quite some time, I have hundreds of reasonably close acquaintance, most of whose proximity I really enjoy.


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