Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Make Love, Not War

Our illustrious president said something to the effect that "the key to Peace is War in Afghanistan"!!!

Yet another victory for Orwellian newspeak.

From the history of France in "French Indo-China" and our own quagmire-testing there in Vietnam we didn't learn that military adventures and imperialistic designs were particularly problematic when our supply lines must cross oceans. The Soviet Union didn't have nearly so far to send their awesome weaponry, but a bevy of tribes in a fairly desolate land not only thwarted their being ruled from afar, but actually played a major part in the destruction of the original "evil empire".

I guess it should be a possible consolation that we could dissipate all of our renewed stock of good will and a generation of young Americans and Afghanis and perhaps create, almost as a side effect, a genuine revolutions: change we can believe in?

Maybe we can also resurrect the Shah and really get loco?


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