Monday, March 30, 2009

Relief from Palinism

As a sort of latter-day Dan Quayle, Sara Palin furnished already-formed comic bits too numerous to catalogue. Maureen Dowd remarked that Ms. Palin was welcome to satirical columnists as well as a bevy of late-night talk show hosts and, of course The Daily Show's Jon Stewart.

Tina Fey of Saturday Night Live now has an instantly recognizable guffaw-getter and the Republican Party has been essentially destroyed by the pimping of this incredibly, near unbelievable emergence on an already absurd political canvas.

I was manager/director of San Francisco's improvisational theater, The Committtee, a largely political satire undertaking, in the '60s. We evolved from Chicago's Second City company, which in turn was a turnout of the UK's The Establishment, and ultimately the form called Comedia del'Arte; and the usual suspects in the field.

Saturday Night Live was spawned by, among other influences, our brand of irreverence, quite appropriate for the UCBerkeley Free Speech Movement and all the familiar "Summer of Love" activities.

All this to refer to the question we always got: "How will you get material to mock when ____ (fill in the blank with Nixon/Johnson/Bush) is no longer available for you to kick around?" Well, there's always Geithner/Bernanek/Frank - an endless array
of easy targets.

But there was something special about Gov. Palin: she's a fox and even a MILF. When Jon Stewart first opened up on her he kissed the side of her picture in a lewd way and the audience "got it" - no matter what she ultimately stood for, she is "hot"

Her running dog, Ann Coulter is also in that category to some extent but she is so mean that it doesn't really pose any problem for "the left", she's just another nut case, but Sara is in another realm. If she had any brains, she would be seen as a Gracie Allen caricature of herself and that's what Tina Fey revealed so

After the debacle of the election (if we factor out the racist votes, it would have been an epic landslide) she kept on working to wreck what was left of her party. My problem is that on the way, she made the unforgivable act of using her baby as an electoral ploy, much as Jerry Lewis and MDA have routinely done with "poster children".

Following the debate with Biden she had "it" placed on her shoulder as she did what looked like "burping" it - possibly to show that in addition to being a heartbeat away from a position of great power, she was a loving mother, although she didn't
go all the way and start breast-feeding on live TV.

While she and McCain were attempting to ridicule the calling of "Community Organizer" and making "eloquence" a pejorative (as they had long since done with "liberal"), all of them, Obama included completely missed how absurd the term "special needs", and how counter-productive to inclusion is its use.

The legacy of Sara Palin is that she appears to nurture her "special needs" child while, in her role as governor has prevented IDEA's furtherance in her state. This unmitigated hypocrisy is beyond deplorable - all the way to full-blown prostitution, using a baby to further ideas that have no basis in reason.


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