Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ain't gonna study war no more

This is the 36th anniversary of the last American troops evacuating Vietnam.

I hope it's not that long until such an anniversary concerning "our boys in Afghanistan (and Iraq, and...)" come home.

I was one of those boys in the Phillipines in 1946 (World War II), as was my father in around 1916 (Phillipine "Insurrection"), and my grandfather around 1900 (Spanish-American War). And I don't think there's a "makewar" gene in the family tree.

War, what is it good for: absolutely nothing.

The just-elected administration, chosen in part because of opposition to war upped the commitement to continue/expand the war on Afghanistan for no discernible purpose. We should instead abolish the War Department (euphemistically renamed the "Department of Defense") and start a Secretariat for Peace.

Why not?


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