Wednesday, April 2, 2008

pantechnicon push

The move towards implementation of the pantechnicon (under the rubric of "pocket computer") touted in todays New York Times has the effect of demonstrating that the inevitability of such devices proclaimed in Connection Collection and many other places is not that far off.

It makes me feel absolutely prophetic to have been evangelizing about this for this long and watching as the industry tries to maintain the old paradigms of such things as nation-states with archaic borders and decrepit cultures based on profit-centered insurance/banking/communication methodologies that will be vastly altered by "everyone/everything/everywhere/always connected" reality in which we will truly globalize our "village".

How interesting that the media's insistence on incremental implementation of all this by pretending that there is some separate entity called "telephony" since not recognizing that if a pocket computer is indeed a truly mobile internet, it will more or less automatically include many means of human interaction.

Interesting times, indeed! Can't wait to immerse myself in the Web conference in Beijing next month where thousands of us will celebrate "one world, one web".


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