Monday, March 24, 2008

Valhalla or Vaudeville?

I'm immersed in reading the curriculum of WWW2008 and it's hard to believe that I will go all that way to hear people talking about all the stuff I've become immersed in.

There used to be an institution called "stage shows" that bridged the culture river's flood from vaudeville to the movies - trying to have the best of both worlds and that's where I first heard jazz.

Usually there were vaudevillians near the end of their careers but I remember in particular an act that had a herd of poodles who built a wall of cardboard boxes, without any human on the stage. I can't find out about them from google but I probably just don't have the query chops to find it - or the two guys with amputated leg/arm (one had left, the other right) who came in looking like a two-headed man wearing an overcoat. Then they doffed the coat and did acrobatics sort of like some of the cirque soleil folks.

So what I'm wondering is if the "Information Age" is more like vaudeville than it is like the Valhalla some of us enthuse over.

Oh, well.


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