Saturday, March 29, 2008


A recent study of fraud/embezzlement, as reported in today's New York Times had:

“I gave a talk to a group of nonprofit executives a few weeks ago, and every single one of them had a fraud story to tell,” said one of the report’s authors, Janet S. Greenlee, an associate professor of accounting at the University of Dayton. “This has been going on for years, but there’s a feeling that it shouldn’t be discussed,” because of the effect it might have on donations.

Estimates of the impact of fraud on "charities" range from 6% to 13% which turns out to be more than corporate gifts to non-profits.

The most telling thing about this sort of white collar crime is its reflection of society's bias against those who don't get away with things, even things like dope use that shouldn't be a part of the government's activities.

As the misperceptions of the nature of the China/Tibet realities increase due to the usual media bull-headed belief in people like Mother (or is it Saint?) Teresa and the Dalai Lama, we are further impelled to get more connected so that we can evaluate all this according to our own experiences/prejudices.

Just as most Americans believed that Sadam Hussein was somehow responsible for a bunch of Saudi/Egyptian terrorists destroying the Twin Towers, so it goes with much of what is "reported" by the hierarchic media.

As we become universally connected with ALL other humans we will begin to use our mentation to better effect, which is imperative if we are to deal with our real problems.


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