Monday, May 26, 2008

Games Rule!

Fillmore's oft-espoused "Games Rule!" is quite descriptive of my life. I play hours of solitaire card games ("Pretty Good Solitaire" has more games than I'll ever sample) and lately I've been doing the same with the FXCM Trading Station using play money to learn/trade on the Foreign Currency Exchange, often called "Forex".

It somehow has me interested in "the dollar" which is, at the moment, pretty much tanking - much in line with my shorting it vs. the Pound/Yen/Euro/Swiss-Franc.

The game has a language all its own and is very different from Stock/Equity trading and with quite pronounced affect. During the vocabulary/software learning phase I lost most of my $50,000 stake but have built it back up by taking a more patient approach.

I don't think I'd ever risk real money on this but it sure is fun.

You can try it by doing a download from


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