Saturday, May 31, 2008

and then again...

I get so optimistic about the potential for full connectedness that I need an occasional reminder of just how fucked up we are semantically. The main objection to a Basic Income Guarantee is that it "pays people not to have a job" even decades after there really is no societal need for a huge percentage of the "jobs" in current practice.

To counteract this I read something like Al Sheahen's "The Rise and Fall of a Basic Income Guarantee Bill in the United States Congress" which can be linked (it's a .doc file) from 

In "Agrarian Justice" Thomas Paine says "...the first principle of civilization ought to have been, and ought still to be, that the condition of every person born into the world, after a state of civilization commences, ought not to be worse than if he had been born before that period."

Funny how over 200 years later we still have prejudice against the poor!


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