Thursday, February 21, 2008

Yipee! An old-fashioned scandal

The closing salvo by the McCainites in today's Times:

“It is a shame that The New York Times has lowered its standards to engage in a hit-and-run smear campaign. John McCain has a 24-year record of serving our country with honor and integrity. He has never violated the public trust, never done favors for special interests or lobbyists, and he will not allow a smear campaign to distract from the issues at stake in this election.

“Americans are sick and tired of this kind of gutter politics, and there is nothing in this story to suggest that John McCain has ever violated the principles that have guided his career.”

sounds as if they hadn't read either the article or McCain's book in which he clearly acknowledges, albeit sanctimoniously claiming to have reformed (more than once) since his Savings/Loan debacle as 20% of the Keating Five, that he regrets having done exactly what is alleged by the Times: doing favors for lobbyists representing "special interests".

Politics is indeed pigshit.


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