Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Here Come De Judge

Graphic evidence of how clueless/impotent the Establishment's, particularly the  courts', efforts to stem the tsunami of the universal network: in the New York Times 
article concerning a judge ordering a Web presence closed, appears

"The feebleness of the action suggests that the bank, and the judge, did not understand how the domain system works, or how quickly Web communities will move to counter actions they see as hostile to free speech online.

"The site itself could still be accessed at its Internet Protocol address ( — the unique number that specifies a Web site’s location on the Internet. Wikileaks also maintained “mirror sites,” or copies usually produced to ensure against failures and this kind of legal action. Some sites were registered in Belgium (, Germany ( and the Christmas Islands ( through domain registrars other than Dynadot, and so were not affected by the injunction."

This gives some hope to our probable achievement of universal connection.

In a similar vein during the coming U.S. presidential election bruhaha the distinction between universal health care and "universal health care INSURANCE" will be manifest as it becomes
more evident that the latter is the economic crippler of the former.

Just as the stock market went from a profit center for those maintaining the trading mechanism by charging viggorish on buys and sells to a nearly free process and Boeing went from buildings full of draftsmen to a handful of AutoCAD users, so will insurance become just another online service without the incredible profits enjoyed by fat old white men.


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