Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wednesday's geezer's full of rage!

I sent people a link to a snip on YouTube that was one of the most moving mass medium depictions of cross-disability cooperation. It was about three minutes from a network TV show called GLEE and this clip of the Haverbrook School for the Deaf performing John Lennon's "Imagine" for an audience made up (I presume) of the GLEE cast. This is the only screen shot now available because 20th Century Fox claimed copyright violations which made YouTube take it down. You can hear the sound track accompanying this screen shot but much of the effect is from the visual part.

The action started with the man (wearing tie) signing/singing the song then the girl who in the picture is standing by him starts singing along with the choir and moves into the group and is joined by all the cast + a guy in a wheelchair and they sing the anthem of peace/love as they learn to sign the words as well.

That the Studio saw fit to remove this is outrageous.


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