Friday, December 25, 2009

putting the "X" back in Xmas

There are a lots worse things to be than alone on Christmas day in Madrid.

I hear the fishing is great in Iraq, so for any servicepersons who enjoy angling...

So I'm listening to Louis Armstrong ca 1938 singing "I've Got the World on a String" and realizing that he was probably as high as I am as I look through the window at the no-off-days Chinese guy's store across calle de Seco and wonder why, as my "landlord" says we can't just celebrate every day as intensely as we do Christmas. I think maybe we are more in the joy of Xmas, the day when we realize just how absurd it is to be other than optimistic/Utopian as the days inexorably lengthen and the prospects are certainly rosier than they are dire.

We've all been on Bro. Dylan's Desolation Row at times but there's no profit in the actual blues - only the musical kind!

I am always surprised when I learn that somebody besides me reads these rants but in case anyone is "Mary Xmas" and let's look forward to many more.


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Joshua Allen said...

Merry X-Mas!

Thought of you today as I was catching up on blogs and read this one:

I recall your theory about the eastern washington gorges being formed by short-term erosion rather than long-term. It seems that the Gibraltar strait near Spain may have been carved out in a couple of weeks to a few months, rather than thousands of years.