Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fin de Junio

Looks like I'll get through June OK.

All's right in the world of Futbol: no player on the U.S. side would qualify to even sit on the Brasil bench and when in the second half of the game the one-on-one skills of the Brazilians was made evident and it was revealed that we were no longer watching a "contest", but an "exhibition" it was clear that Americans better focus on something at which we excel, like self-delusion.

Codeine stops the cough and Dr. Time is working on the underlying infection so that my swine/avian flu is terminating itself rather than its host - me.

I'm still abuzz about "inventing" tone dialing as a means of communication. It's been so well-developed for so long that I had become oblivious to it as a solution to indexing the monster database we can now carry in our pocket. Now, to the I/O solution - the handkerchief that becomes one's display and the glove that accepts input streams without the annoyance of speaking. Where is "conviviall dingo's" foldup device now that we need it?


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Convivialdingo said...

Haha, well practically all the components are available these days - the only practical issue is radio spectrum.

The government considers public radio spectrum to be "worth billions" and could care less about the public good, unless it's "sponsored by Pepsi."

Tesla once wanted to "give power away" and so far the powers-that-be are hardly any different these days.