Sunday, February 22, 2009


Increasingly often, I forget what I was about to do or say although usually shortly thereafter it comes back to me - only to re-submerge as I start to do it!

It's not dementia or senility because the sharpness is still there, at least internally.

The physical part is actually getting better - probably because of the fact that I've been doing the same isometric calisthenics every morning upon awakening and in addition to getting svelter/stronger I'm able to walk with good balance, although at times I have to attend to avoiding weaving. Falls are rare and invariably involve ice or obstacles.

There's probably a bit more "sense of repose" in attitude although I still emote a lot, mostly in private. Sometimes I'll let it out in these sermons and more often in emails concerning my passions like an impatience with the need to be patient.

As is often said, "it sure beats the alternative!"


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