Wednesday, November 19, 2008


The technician checking my pacemaker (still have 7 years' battery life) used the phrase "pacemaker dependent" which means that if if stops, I stop!

I've been working with electronic circuitry for over 60 years and the stark realization that my life depends so closely on wires/circuits/batteries is somehow sobering.

On the other hand, I feel better than I have in a few years - perhaps the recovery from the kidney removal surgery is more nearly complete? Still huff/puff when going up an incline or walking fast very far, but recovery is swift and I still haven't noticed (but then if I were demented, would I?) much deterioration in the mental acuity.

I strangely miss France.


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Convivialdingo said...

Just hope your pacemaker isn't running windows 95 :-)

Glad to hear it's working well, of course!