Tuesday, September 2, 2008

proverb extension/caveat?

I'm fond of stitched samplers and a favorite is "Everything Simple, Nothing Easy."

When I had it made into a scroll in Beijing it became "Saying easy, Doing Hard."

As I got to thinking about my aversion to "all/everything" constructs it occured that some things (particularly sensory stuff like seeing/hearing) are actually quite easy to do, but not at all "simple" to think/talk/act about.

Human vision is quite elaborate to describe and deal with, but it's so easy to do that infants learn it in minutes at birth but our best efforts to date to describe and deal with it are lame.

I want to make some inroads into the tedium that blind folks have in accessing both the environment and the Web - and how to enhance "skimming" or "at a glance" equivalency for folks who can't glance and only a very few can skim, largely because the essential materials for doing it (extensive brailled materials) and the skill to do it are rare.

So "everything" is in fact not simple, and some things are "easy" to do: usually called "natural".


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