Sunday, July 13, 2008


Sometimes, sunsets are very orange. Sometimes, the moon is sort of orange at moonrise. I guess because of the heavy smoke from the Great California Forest Fires of 2008 the moon, not full, near its meridian, is a very dark orange.

The intense daytime heat hasn't gone as far away tonight so I can't really use the covers - by the end of Summer, I will have to leave the bedroom air conditioner on at night. The one in the computer room must be on whenever the computer is running or it crashes.

I'm deep into writing a screenplay and it gives me further insight into one of our biggest weirdnesses in this country: the notion of retirement as a release for the retiree and a burden for the rest. I work both harder and more efficiently than I ever did before. The idea of quitting work and going fishing/golfing as Utopia is totally insane. We geezers aren't burdens, but more like foundations/platforms.


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Convivialdingo said...

We had beautiful sunsets for about a week after Hurricane Katrina... kind of a reprieve from the destruction down south.

It was like a living Botticelli!